Since 1830

A long history

Founded in 1830, Seignouret Frères is one of the oldest trading houses in the Bordeaux marketplace. The history of its founder, François Seignouret, sounds like a tale of the American dream. Born in Bordeaux in 1783, François Seignouret left for New Orleans in 1808. The city had just passed into American hands and was booming. It was there that François embarked on a successful career as an upholsterer and furniture maker.

By 1820, his reputation had spread beyond the borders of Louisiana. He was considered the creator of the most elegant furniture in the Deep South. Still today, to own a “Seignouret” is a privilege.

However, François Seignouret did not forget his Bordeaux roots. In 1829 he acquired Château Dillon in Blanquefort, a vast vineyard of around sixty hectares, which would stay in the family until 1956.

Seignouret founded an export house on Rue de la Verrerie in 1830 to market his wines. As historian Joelle Chevré explains in the journal Le Festin, he converted his workshops in New Orleans into wine cellars where he bottled not only Château Dillon, but also names such as the Châteaux Margaux, Lafite, Latour, Mouton Rothschild, Haut-Brion and other Bordeaux grands crus.

He passed away in Bordeaux in 1852.

In 1927, the Maison Seignouret Frères passed into the hands of the Brou de Laurière family before being taken over by Laurent Barrier and Erwan Flageul in 2011.



The alliance between wine-trading and estates

“A small trading house with a big history”- these few words have perfectly summed up the spirit of Seignouret Frères since 1830.

Today, Seignouret Frères is one of the last of the independent houses in the Bordeaux marketplace, stocking grands crus and rare vintages in ideal conditions.


On the strength of its historical knowledge of the terroirs, the company selects real gems from the Bordeaux area, wines that are genuine safe bets. Cutting-edge winemaking expertise also comes into play as the company develops cuvées and brands to meet clients’ expectations.

With a team of just over ten people, Seignouret Frères is a business of a size which allows it to retain that human touch, to be responsive and to offer individually tailored services.


At the head of Seignouret Frères along with his business partner Laurent Barrier, Erwan Flageul is also the owner of Château Brillette, a 60-hectare Moulis Cru Bourgeois. A man firmly rooted in the terroir and the earth, Erwan brings all his knowledge of the world of grand cru wines.

More than 80% of Seignouret Frères’ business comes from exports. The company has always been very prominent in niche markets- overseas territories, the Pacific, South-East Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America and South America.

Seignouret Frères also works with duty free stores and airline companies.


Grand Cru and rare

vintage specialist

Seignouret is a historical allocation beneficiary on the Bordeaux marketplace. The bottles come direct from the vineyard and are carefully stocked in our cellars.

With both deliverable vintages and primeur wines, we work with the majority of great Bordeaux vineyards on both the right and left bank of the Garonne river.

We also have an ageing cellar where bottles steeped in history patiently wait. 1924, 1929, 1945, 1947, 1949, 1961, 1970, 1982, 1990... Some of the greatest vintages of the 20th century are to be found there.


Our brands and safe bets

Thanks to our knowledge of the Bordeaux wine area we can select some truly great batches in order to create high quality, reliable blends, vintage after vintage. Our oenologist-buyer identifies the best wines and develops the blends. He prefers wines with smooth tannins, powerful yet balanced, always easy to drink. We develop brands in keeping with the expectations of modern consumers.


We work with vineyards renowned for their expertise. We list around a hundred châteaux and domaines, often family-run operations, in all the appellation areas of Bordeaux.



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